Kind Minds School Programmes

Designed as a whole school approach (ages 2-11), all of our mindfulness programmes are based on the 4 pillars of Kind Minds - Concentration, Calm, Connection and Creativity. The content within these 4 key areas of learning increases in complexity as the children progress through their primary years. Schools can book our programmes in the following formats:

  • A series of lessons that fit within the daily curriculum (e.g. 1x weekly lesson over a 6 week block)

  • After school or lunch-time clubs/classes

  • 1-2 hour workshops; a popular choice for school wellbeing weeks

  • An online curriculum, including ready-to-go lesson slides and resources to enable staff to teach our Kind Minds Curriculum throughout the academic year.


Kind Minds in the Early Years

Designed for children aged 2-5 years. Explore 4 inter-connected themes that align with the areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. 

  • Concentration: attention & listening skills, exploring the senses, awareness, being present.

  • Calm: naming emotions & emotional literacy, simple calming tools, exploring the body and breath through mindful movement.

  • Connection: relationship skills, empathy, compassion, being a kind friend to ourselves and others.

  • Creativity: expression of self through mindful crafts and creative exercises.

Our early years programmes can be booked as a series of lessons or as workshops. Please get in contact to discuss how we can deliver a mindfulness programme that best suits the requirements of your setting.

Kind Minds in
Primary Schools

  • The children meet their brains and minds, including how they impact on our emotions and wellbeing.

  • We explore how we can train our minds to "concentrate", to "find calm", to "feel connected" and to "be creative" in our everyday lives.

  • Practical tools to develop interocepton and emotional regulation skills. 

  • How to be a kind friend to ourselves and others.

  • Creative and interactive exercises to nurture children's social-emotional skills and understanding of self-kindness.


These lessons sit well within a PSHE curriculum and enrich the wider curriculum through integrating the learning and practice of mindfulness in all subjects and in the children’s everyday lives.

Our primary programmes can be booked as a series of lessons or as workshops. Please get in contact to discuss how we can deliver a mindfulness programme that best suits the requirements of your setting. 

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​“All staff were impressed with how the workshops catered for the different age-groups, especially in Reception. An EYP commented on how well the children engaged with Laura and that it was age appropriate... The children have loved their breathing pebbles and have been using some of the mindful moments they learnt throughout the day. Staff were also taught ways to differentiate mindful moments for different learners - an idea that is so simple but also very effective.
If you would like to kick start a "kind minds curriculum" in your school then look no further than Laura and Kate at The Kindness Curriculum! ” 

Fiona Skinner

Schools in Chiswick, London

Yoga for Nurseries & Primary Schools

Before & after school classes, as well as lunch-time classes, tailored to specific age groups.

Each class is themed and provides a non-competitve space where children can have fun developing their coordination, strength, flexibility, creativity and confidence!

Each class includes:

  • Focus and arrival affirmations

  • Warm-Up

  • Breath Work

  • Yoga Adventures and Poses

  • Shavasana (calming meditation) 

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Zumba Kids

Our classes are designed for lunchtime/ after-school classes and school-based workshops.

This is fun and physical exercise where the children are encouraged to freely move and shake their bodies to Latin American, Hip Hop, Reggaeton and other current beats! We go on zumba-ventures by learning traditional steps from countries and cultures around the world! Our Zumba Kids classes promote memory and sequencing, teamwork, confidence, coordination, language concepts as well as physical exercise!