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Kind Minds
for Schools

We are now enrolling settings into our whole-school online curriculum for the academic year of September 2023!


Kind Minds is a universal 4-pillared curriculum (ages 2-11) designed to bring mindfulness and social-emotional learning (SEL) into the everyday culture of classroooms. We also provide staff training modules and resources for parents/carers!

Our Curriculum Structure

The Kind Minds Curriculum includes 4 key pillars of learning content - Concentrate, Calm, Connect and Create. The content within these 4 pillars of learning increases in complexity as the children progress through their primary years.



Children develop the ability to train and direct their attention using creative and sensory mindfulness activities.



Children learn mindful breathing techniques while exploring the interconnection between our brains, minds and emotions.



Children learn how to be a kind friend to themselves and others using mindfulness and interactive social-emotional learning lessons.



Children express themselves through creative activities while generalising the mindfulness tools they have learnt into their everyday lives.

How is the curriculum delivered?

Each staff member receives a personalised login to our comprehensive online portal, providing you with unlimited access to our curriculum for a full year. 


For Children:

A universal curriculum of lessons plans/slides, resources and videos for early years (ages 2-5) and primary (ages 5-11).


For Staff:

Professional development videos and resources/audio recordings to nurture the wellbeing of the educator, alongside ensuring all staff feel confident to deliver our curriculum.


For Parents/Carers:

Termly resource packs and workshop slides to enable a consistent partnership between home and school. 

Is Kind Minds right for my school?

At The Kindness Curriculum, we’re a team of teachers (and sisters) who recognise the lack of resources and training within the curriculum to meet the rise in children’s mental health needs. We’ve spent years researching and designing a high-quality whole school programme that fills this gap in provision, and one that puts wellbeing at the heart of the classroom culture.

To ensure that our curriculum actually works, and that we see the best outcomes for children's mental health, we work with schools that are ready to timetable 20 minutes per week to deliver our curriculum (in both early years and primary). Our feedback from the Kind Minds Beta Test complements the wealth of existing research which demonstrates that mindfulness programmes are best implemented when incorporated within the ethos of the whole school: "a combination of bottom-up pioneering work with top-down support and resourcing can help embed real change in educational communities" (Hawkins 2017).

Download our free curriculum outline!

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Kind Minds for Schools Curriculum Outline.png
the olive school.png

Pastoral Lead, The Olive Primary School

Kind Minds is the best wellbeing curriculum I have come across. I have a simple structure to follow and we finally have emotional literacy resources, lessons and guidance that goes above and beyond the provisions within the national curriculum. Highly recommend to all school senior management teams.

padnell logo.png

Holly McIntosh
Nursery SENCo,
Padnell Pre-School

All of the curriculum activities are easy to understand and implement and can be used effectively at any time of day. Thank you Laura for turning our curriculum into something beautiful.


Lizzie Stroud
Primary Teacher and Kids Yoga Teacher

It's amazing to see how the children have learnt to listen to their bodies to help them name their emotions. One of the boys said "Emotions are like bits of energy dancing around your body". This child has even shown his parents how to do mindful breathing as a tool to support him to unwind before bed.

What next?

If you would like more information about Kind Minds for Schools or would like to introduce our curriculum to your school, then simply enter your details using the link below. It will be a pleasure to hear from you.


You will hear from us soon!

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